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Course : Light Motor Vehicles-

LMV Course Description: The LMV course is DDC's most popular course. It prepares students for the Traffic Police Driving Test, enabling students to get a Dubai Driving License category 3. Students completing this course and passing the Traffic Police Tests are licensed to drive either manual or automatic transmission light motor vehicle, such as cars and SUVs.

Course Contents: The Light Motor Vehicle Course consists of Simulator training, lectures, yard and Road Training. Dubai Driving Institute ranks as one of the few establishments to have installed state-of-the-art simulators. These simulators enable students to get a feel of the various functions of the vehicle whilst handling it in the classroom, through a synchronized film running on the screen and having varied traffic patterns as one would expect in reality on the road.



Hands-on Training

  • Learning to Drive

  • Traffic Signs

  • Managing Risks

  • Road User Safety

  • Rules & Responsibilities

  • Your Vehicle


  • Precautions before starting the engine

  • Moving Off

  • Use of gears, clutch, accelerator, brakes and mirrors

  • U Turn

  • Parking & Normal Stopping

  • Shoulder Check

  • Lane Discipline / Lane Change

  • Pedestrian Crossing

  • Junctions and Roundabouts

    • Approaching

    • Positioning

  • Steering Control

  • Overtaking

  • Maintaining a safe distance

  • Ensuring clear roads before exiting

  • Turning Left or Right

  • Control of the Vehicle

  • Observation



Minimum age required to register



Manual/ Automatic Students with Automatic Driving License can only drive an automatic vehicle whereas those with manual can drive both an automatic and manual transmission car.

No. of classes for registration

40/30/20/8 classes There are four versions of this course, comprising of 40 classes, 30 classes, 20 classes and 8 classes. Beginner drivers have to enroll for the full 40 classes' course. Drivers who have a valid license from their country which is more than 2 years old but less than 5 years old can enroll for 30 classes. Drivers who have a valid license issued for more than 5 years from their home country can enroll for the 20 classes' course. Students who have already appeared for a road test outside from another institute can enroll for the 8 classes' course directly. Number of classes may vary according to the course.

Class duration and Training type

Class Duration : 30 Minutes(Per Class)

Regular Training:. 2 classes together, 3 times a Week Normal Day Training: From Saturday to Thursday.

Batch 1 : Sat - Mon - Wed

Batch 2 : Sun - Tue - Thu

Friday Training: Every Friday only 4 classes.

Shift duty Training: Training as per the students and instructor's availability.

Training Location

According to the type of classes, training can be provided from DDC Head office in Port Rashid or from any of our branches.

Course Fee (AED)

Regular per class

Friday/ Night/ Shift

VIP Training Per Class




Total Classes

48 / 38 / 28

Total Fee


Regular Class


Friday/Night/Shift Class



Regular Class


Friday/Night/Shift Class




3590.00 / 3090.00 / 2590.00


4190.00 / 3540.00 / 2890.00



7590.00 / 6090.00 / 4590.00


7590.00 / 6090.004590.00