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Light Motor Vehicle Test Details

Test Details

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Knowledge Test Port Rashid, Qusais, Al khail, Al barsha RTA
  • Any time after completing theory training
Yard Test (5 manoeuvres) Port Rashid, Al Barsha, Al Khail, Al Qusais RTA/DDC
  • Immediately after completion of Stage 4 (Stage 4 can be completed after Stage 1 or Stage 3)
Assessment Test Port Rashid, Al Barsha, Jebel Ali, Al Qusais, Discovery Gardens, Al Aweer DDC
  • Immediately after completion of stages 1-4
Highway Training Port Rashid, Al barsha, Al Qusais


  • Mandatory before taking RTA final test
Road Test Port Rashid, Al Barsha, Qusaisis RTA
  • On completing the required number of classes and above tests if required.