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Light Motor Vehicle Course Details

The Light Motor vehicle course is DDC’s most popular course. It prepares students for the RTA driving test for category 3. Students completing this course will be licensed to drive either a manual or automatic transmission light motor vehicle up to 2.5tons.


Course details:



  • Students who do not currently possess any driving license are considered as a "Beginner" and have to register for a mandatory minimum of 20 hours.
  • Students who have held their country's license for between 2 and 5 years are eligible to register for a minimum of 15 hours.
  • Students who have held their country's license for more than 5 years are eligible to register for a minimum of 10 hours.
  • Students registering for 20 and 15 hours are required to undergo an Evaluation Test to confirm their driving skill level. Students who fail the Evaluation will be considered as beginner.
  • Students who have already failed the final RTA road test at another institute may register for a minimum of 4 hours.
  • Any student transferring in from another institute will be required to take an evaluation test if there has been a gap of more than 30 days since their last class.
  • Students with a valid GCC License need to take the knowledge test,Yard test and the road test directly. If they fail the road test, they need to then enroll for 4 hours, 2 lectures and a further road test.
  • Students can opt to register for either Automatic or Manual transmission. However, automatic license holders are not eligible to drive a manual vehicle.


See Required registration documents 


Requirements (20/30/20 hours students)

  • 8 theory lectures Go to lecture details
  • Yard Test (manoeuvres) and Assessment Test (internal) Go to test details
  • RTA Final Road Test
  • Minimum 1 hour night training (optional for female)
  • Minimum 2 hours highway driving for 20 hours students
  • Minimum 1 hour highway driving for 10/15 hours students
  • Highway classes must be taken before  taking RTA final road test


See Light Motor Vehicle Curriculum



  • Those people who have a full, valid driving license from the 33 recognised countries (See details) can directly transfer their license at any RTA Office on production of the necessary documentation and fee.
  • People who have a valid UAE driving license from any emirate other than Dubai must transfer their driving file to Dubai RTA before opening a file in Dubai for any other vehicle category.
  • People who have any traffic fine against their name will not be able to open a file without first clearing that fine.