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Heavy Motor Vehicle Bus

The Heavy Vehicles – Bus course prepares students for the RTA Driving Test, enabling them to get a Dubai Driving License category 6. Students completing this course and passing the RTA Driving Tests are licensed to drive passenger buses. Heavy Bus criteria- Capacity of bus is more than 26 passengers excluding the driver

This Course emphasizes passenger care and safety. The driver should ensure that all their passengers, especially children are seated properly or are holding the handrails and he should know what to do in an emergency such as fire or crash.

Course details:


  • Minimum age for registration is 21yrs
  • Students do not currently have to possess an LMV driving license to register for Heavy Bus training
  • All Heavy Bus registrations are for a mandatory minimum of 20 hours plus 8 theory lectures  (Go to lecture details)
  • Students who do not currently have an LMV driving license from their own country must be trained in the basic control of LMV (Curriculum subjects 1.07 – 1.12) off road before driving HMV
  • Students who have already failed the final RTA road test at another institute may register for a minimum of 4 hours
  • Any student transferring in from another institute will be required to take an evaluation test if there has been a gap of more than 60 days since their last class
  •  All training is carried out in manual vehicles so there is no option to register for automatic transmission. 


  • Yard Test (manoeuvres/ internal assessment) and Assessment Test (internal) (Go to test details)
  • RTA Yard Test
  • RTA Final Road Test
  • Minimum 1 hour night training

See Heavy Bus Curriculum

Medical requirements

Effective 12/05/2013 Heavy Truck drivers are required to do the following to obtain a driving license and permit:

  • Attend for a medical fitness examination at an RTA approved medical centers 
    • After passing the required tests and receiving the license obtain a commercial driving permit at a cost of AED110


  • Those people who have a full, valid driving license from the 33 recognised countries (See details) can directly transfer their license at any RTA Office on production of the necessary documentation and fee.
  • People who have a valid UAE driving license from any emirate other than Dubai must transfer their driving file to Dubai RTA before opening a file in Dubai for any other vehicle category.
  • People who have any traffic fine against their name will not be able to open a file without first clearing that fine.

List of approved medical centers:





DHA Medical Fitness Services



Canadian Specialist Hospital



DM Healthcare LLC



Gulf Healthcare International



Iranian Hospital Dubai



Prime Healthcare Group LLC



Zulekha Hospital