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Lectures for Heavy Forklift/Shovel


All students who register for Heavy Forklift/Shovel Training Course must attend 8 mandatory lectures. These lectures are conducted 7 days a week. We offer these lectures in English/Urdu and Arabic at different locations across Dubai such as Al Barsha, Jebel Ali and Aweer. 

Download lecture timetable for each location:

Please note that all students must bring their Registration Card, RTA Training Book and Learning Permit to each lecture.


Lecture 1 : Attitude and Responsibilities of the Driver

Lecture 2 : Knowledge of Traffic Rules and Regulations (Specific to HMV)

Lecture 3 : Characteristics of Road Users (Additional Information for HMV drivers)

Lecture 4 : Driver Condition

Lecture 5 : The Driving Environment

Lecture 6 : Driving on Freeways, Traffic Violations & Route Planning

Lecture 7 : Hazard perception training

Lecture 8: Traffic Accidents, Case Studies & What to do in an Accident

Rules of Attendance


  • Please ensure all compulsory lectures are attended before appearing for the Road Test.
  • Please ensure you have attended the Lecture 1 & 2 before your practical training and Signal Test.
  • Please ensure you have attended all the 8 lectures before your final Assessment Test.
  • If you will be absent from a lecture, please give 48 hours notice
  • Ensure payments for training and tests are made in good time to avoid unnecessary issues





  1. Students are only allowed to enter the lecture hall between the entry time and start time of the class. Students will not be allowed to enter the lecture hall after the class start time.
  2. All students must bring their theory & practical training Record Booklet when attending classes.



Heavy Forklift/Shovel Curriculum 


The Heavy Forklift/Shovel curriculum is summarized below:

 Shovel Subjects: - off road

 Types and components of Shovels

  • Shovel controls/bucket controls
  • Shovel safety
  • Work site safety/emergency procedures
  • External vehicle checks
  • Basic maintenance
  • Cockpit drill/internal preparation/refueling/emergency procedures
  • Shovel operation


Filling/emptying the bucket

Travelling on level/sloping ground

Loading/unloading vehicles


  • Fitting, operating  & removing attachments


Light/Heavy Forklift Subjects: - off road


  • Types and components of Forklifts
  • Counter balance/non counterbalance
  • Mast and lifting mechanism
  • Types and use of different tyres
  • Manufacturer’s data plate
  • Rear wheel steering
  • Forklift attachments
  •  Forklift safety
  • Safe working practices
  • Daily pre-drive/pre-start checks
  • Forklift operation



Start up procedure

Moving procedure – steering/reversing/parking


  • Loading & unloading
  • Using attachments
  • Causes of tipping
  • Safety facts