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Dubai Driving Center offers a range of Corporate Driver Training solutions from Defensive Driving through Fuel Efficiency Training to Advanced Driving. These courses are bespoke in nature and are specifically designed to meet the demands of driving for business in the UAE. Our courses aim to develop each delegate’s attitudes, knowledge and abilities through a mixture of group work and individual coaching techniques. We encourage delegates to take responsibility not only for their own safety but also for that of others around them.
Dubai Driving Centre’s Corporate Driver Training courses have been designed and developed by Mr. Ian Littlefield, DDC’s Training & Quality Manager. Mr. Littlefield is highly qualified and experienced in the fields of driver and instructor training and development and has an extensive track record in international training program development and delivery. This experience has been put to good effect to produce a suite of programs designed to meet the needs of today’s business driver.

Management of Occupational Road Risk - The Cycle of Continuous Improvement
DDC’s range of driver and fleet solutions is designed to enable all organisations to enter into a cycle of continuous improvement. We have designed products and services to suit the varying needs of individual organisations, regardless of how they currently approach the management of occupational road risk.

Road Risk Policy Review

For those companies that currently have no road risk management strategy, we would recommend a Road Risk Policy Review. This allows companies to analyse their current policies and procedures to find out how well they are complying with legislation and HSE guidelines.

Driver Risk Assessment Solutions

All employers then have a duty of care to risk assess their drivers, DDC are able to provide a solution whether you are looking to do this in-vehicle or even train one of your own employees to carry out the assessment for you.

DDC’s On-road Risk Assessment and Training Course is a thorough, forward thinking take on the traditional risk assessment model. It combines an in-vehicle assessment with relevant training. This is suitable for all drivers, particularly those deemed to be 'high risk', as well as new drivers wishing to assess their skills, or anyone wishing to re-assess competence following an incident.

The Driver Assessor Course teaches delegates the necessary skills to assess the driving of others within their company. After the course, delegates will be competent in areas such as fault recognition, fault analysis and feedback.


Additional Risk Management Solutions

For those companies that already deliver training solutions to combat occupational road risk, DDC can offer additional services aimed at creating a world class Road Risk Management Solution.

Road Risk Policy Testing

Policy Testing is perhaps an easy and cost effective way for companies to eliminate a portion of their fleet’s risk. We can take a client’s written vehicle policy and convert it into a custom built training module that drivers can be tested on.

An Effective Risk Mitigation Solution 
Staff Compliance:

Although an organisation may have developed its own policies in relation to Occupational Road Risk and publicised them in print & on their intranet, many employees even at senior management level may still be unaware of their existence & importance. This leaves the organisation open to increased exposure to liability & litigation. By incorporating your organisations Road Risk Mitigation Policy within a Policy Testing Module you can ensure that all existing & new employees are fully conversant with its content.

As part of completing the Policy Testing module, drivers are asked to acknowledge that they have read and understood the policy and this information is stored for future reference. It is strongly recommended that the pass mark be set at 100% for this module, which covers the core aspects of the policy in detail. 
Policy Content:

The content of the policy testing module will be decided by your organisation. Within the content of such a document there is an opportunity to inform employees that sanctions exist for breach of the organisations policy. Employees risk losing jobs & suffering the associated issues.

Administrators can use the Policy Testing service’s reporting capabilities to generate management summaries. Implementing mandatory policy testing is an excellent way to ensure your entire fleet understands the organization’s fleet policy and procedures.

Key Benefits:

• Policy Testing eliminates a large portion of fleet risk by ensuring all drivers have read & understood your policy
• Reduces your organisations fleet accident costs & liability exposure
• Protects against negligence cases
• An effective risk mitigation solution
• Applicable to the Grey Fleet as well


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The Next Step

If your company is interested in developing an effective Road Risk management Strategy, you can contact our Training Department. All our courses are bespoke and our experienced staff will help you assess your needs and develop a solution that is ideal for you