DDC celebrated WORLD ENERGY DAY on 22nd Oct 2017

DDC celebrated WORLD ENERGY DAY on 22nd Oct 2017 by raising awareness of the importance of energy conservation and promoting the sustainable use of energy. Awareness posters were placed in all DDC’s branches and outlets and published on its website and social media accounts. Messages were sent to all the staff through SMS and ERP. Pamphlets were distributed to our customers, showing how to save energy, save the environment and save money. The campaign was headed by our branch managers and branches-in-charge. DDC encouraged its staff and customers to get involved and take action such as: 1. Spread the word – Involve, engage, and get everybody to use #worldenergyday. 2. Be energy efficient – save energy by: - Switching off or unplugging unused appliances - Checking energy labels to make sure you are buying an efficient product - Set A/C to 24 degrees or higher to save energy and costs 3. Conserve fuel through fuel-efficient driving techniques such as avoiding long periods of idling, using vehicle controls smoothly and anticipating traffic flow to keep the wheels moving. World Energy Day is an initiative endorsed by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, along with representatives of 54 countries, in addition to the United Nations, Arab League and African Union Commission, who consented to make it a yearly event through "Dubai Declaration - Energy for All" on 22 October 2012. Let’s save energy, save environment. Take Positive Action. Be #ENERGYEFFICIENT